Pinhole Surgical Technique

Chao Pin-hole Technique

Dr. John Kong and his dental team take pride in providing the least invasive oral treatment available to our patients. This is why we offer the Pinhole Surgical Technique™, a minimally invasive, fast, and effective treatment option for those suffering from gum recession.

In the past, receding gums have been treated using tissue grafts, replacing the diminished gums with tissue taken from other sites in the mouth or from a donor. But this procedure requires many sutures, multiple incision sites, and time for the grafted gums to heal. Fortunately, there is a new way to treat receding gums, one which presents a significant improvement on traditional methods. Dr. John Kong is proud to offer treatment using the Pinhole Surgical Technique™ , the latest advancement in restoring receding gums.

Why should you consider the pinhole surgical technique™?

Gums recede for many reasons, including hormone fluctuations, the use of tobacco products, tooth clenching and grinding, a misalignment in the teeth, gum disease, or simple genetic predisposition. Receding gums expose the roots of teeth, leaving them vulnerable to infection and causing pain and sensitivity. Left untreated, receding gums can lead to the loss of teeth and deterioration of the jawbone that supports them, causing serious damage to your smile and your overall oral health. In order to prevent these outcomes, the gum tissue must be restored.

Unlike older treatments which rely on grafts, the Pinhole Surgical Technique™ allows us to reposition your existing gum tissue. We use a needle to make a tiny incision high in your gum tissue, through which special instruments can be inserted. These instruments loosen and stretch the gum tissue, allowing it to be gently pulled into place to cover your tooth roots. This method offers several benefits over traditional grafts including:

  • Minimal Invasiveness: There are no scalpels involved in this technique; the affected gums are gently stretched, not cut
  • No need for a donor site: Because this technique relies on your existing gum tissue, there is no need to take tissue to be grafted from another site in your mouth
  • No sutures or incisions: Aside from the small pinhole from which the procedure takes its name, there will be no cuts made and no stitches needed
  • Faster, less painful recovery: The minimal damage to your gum tissue means a reduced recovery time with less discomfort than traditional methods.
  • Immediate cosmetic improvement: The Pinhole Surgical Technique™ provides immediate, long-lasting, natural-looking results.

What is the pinhole surgical technique?

Prior to the procedure, a local anesthetic is administered to minimize any discomfort. From there Dr. Kong takes a small needle to create a ‘pinhole' in the patient's gum tissue. Specialized tools are then used to loosen the gum tissue. From that point, the exposed roots from the receded gum line are covered by repositioning the gums. Here is a short list of the benefits associated with the pinhole surgical technique:

  • The results of the procedure are long lasting.
  • Patients experience a fast recovery time
  • Minimal discomfort following the procedure
  • No scalpels
  • No stitches
  • No tissue grafting

If you are interested in treatment for receding gums in NYC or surrounding areas, please call our office or schedule your appointment online. Dr. Kong will be glad to offer consultation and treatment to restore your gums to full health.